Thought Provoking-A Simple Truth

There is only one universe.
There is only one universal spirit.
There is only one universal energy.

Everything in the universe is part of this universal energy or spirit.
Therefore, everything is an element of the universe.

In this universe, there are positive and negative energies.
These two energies are part of the universal energy.
They come from the same energy source, the universal energy or spirit.

However, we associate the positive energy with every positive attributes including the words, Good and God.
And we associate the negative energy with every negative attributes including the words, Evil and Satan.

Since these two energies come from the same source–the Universal Energy or the Universal Spirit, they are actually twin energies. They belong together. They work in concert with one another. You can never have one without the other.

These two energies work together in the universe to achieve balance.
This is why there will never be total perfection or total imperfection, except BALANCE.

There will always be balance of good and evil in the universe.
It can never be all good and it can never be all bad.

This is a piece of truth from my thought and experience.


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