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Services Provided By A World Cultural Center

A World Cultural Center offers daily exercises to all people. Specifically, the center encourages low-income people in the communities to attend. There are three levels of services:

1. Daily Exercises – Offers a variety of exercises, such as meditation, yoga, Pilates, dance, aerobics, hula hooping, zumba, and so on.

A yoga classIndian lady prayingPre-teenagers dancingwoman meditating

children dancingLady hula hooping

teenagers dancingWomen dancing


2. Monthly Potluck – Celebrates our cultural diversity through potluck of healthy food from different cultures. The serving of food follows the Food Pyramid Guideline.

Potluck tableThe Food Pyramid

family eatingFood potluck

People eatingdinner table


3. Quarterly Forum – Organizes a quarterly forum in a neutral and friendly platform, where people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs come together to hold genuine dialogues to enable knowledge, understanding, and compassion among people and to encourage peace in our world. We also encourage people to learn the languages of their neighbors.

a foruma talk

a meetingAsian fashion

Diversity of peopleAfrican people


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